Shift Emotional Eating in 14 Days

A special invitation for you from WildFit founder Eric Edmeades and WildFit coach Radu Sofronea.

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You are not alone!

Are the current world events causing you to turn to food for comfort and security?

Do you feel powerless over food and wish you could say NO to your cravings?

Is eating the only thing that soothes you when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

Imagine a life where you are empowered and free to choose what you do and don’t eat. 

A life where food is used to nourish and energize your body and boost your immune system rather than soothe emotions. 

This is the WildFit way of life and it starts with learning how to shift your mindset and relationship with food.

It's time to choose YOU over the food!

The WildFit 14 Day Reset Starts on Monday, April 27th

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We promise that you won't need to change what you eat, buy special foods or clean out your pantry.

You won't have to change a thing except for your mindset.

And now is the perfect time to truly understand why emotions are so powerful when it comes to the food you choose. 

From there, you can make new choices that will help you feel energized, boost your immune system (which is so important right now) and start on the path of healthy living. 

What's included in the
14 Day Reset?

The WildFit Video Training Program

Through daily emails and 10 in-depth videos, WildFit founder Eric Edmeades will walk you through the food mindset and lifestyle changes at the core of the WildFit philosophy.

6 LIVE coaching sessions with Certified WildFit Coach Radu Sofronea

Three times each week, you’ll join a Live real-time video coaching session on Zoom platform where you’ll receive direct support, guidance, encouragement and feedback from Radu.

Private WildFit Facebook Community Space

Committing (and sticking) to any lifestyle change is that much easier when you’re surrounded by like-minded people. Our WildFit coaches will also be in this group to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Recordings of all Coaching Sessions

The recordings will come in handy if you have to miss any of the live coaching sessions. Re-watch them as often as you have access to the private facebook community.

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The WildFit 14 Days Starts on

Monday, April 27th

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Food Does Not Have Power Over You. Reset Your Relationship with Food, the WildFit way.

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I'm Radu Sofronea, I'm a certified WildFit Coach, entrepreneur and the founder of WildFood 90.

From a very young age, I struggled with my weight. You name it, I tried all the diets. Nothing lasted. I would wind up gaining the weight back and even more.

When I was 32 years old I found Eric on Mindvalley and his WildFit program and everything clicked into place. Once I shifted my relationship with food, I no longer had cravings. I no longer had to eat junk to soothe myself when I had a rough day. I could say "no" to donuts at work. I have truly achived food freedom.

I knew this was my call, I had become an WildFit certified coach and  I created WildFood90 brand.

Now, me and Eric, we are changing lifes all around the world.

I feel really blessed for having experienced the 14 Day Reset. Existing skin issues began to disappear, I felt less hungry and as of today, I weigh four pounds less than when I started the program. It brought me so much more awareness about the food industry that I cannot be an unconscious consumer anymore.


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Since being on WildFit I have seen some dramatic changes. I feel incredible, and my body shape has started to transform. I can now also apply the psychological aspect of this program to many other parts of my life as well! Thank you so much Radu.

—  Owen

Food Does Not Have Power Over You.

Reset Your Relationship with Food, the WildFit way.

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